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Ohlins are the leading manufacturer of Aftermarket suspension products. Their shock absorbers, fork kits, steering dampers are of the highest quality and are used by the best motorcycle racers in the world.


- The TTX36 has brought bikes and riders to the podium and to the winners circle many times and has been an obvious choice for winnersí bikes. Now the latest experience from MotoGP and WSBK can be on your bike too. For 2012 this successful shock absorber is released in a MKII version.

The dynamic behavior is improved thanks to reinforced tubes, new piston and piston bands. Check valves are improved in terms of opening force and closing forces and each and every part has been under the sharp eye of our engineers.

The result is a shock absorber with the latest developments from ÷hlins, all learned from experience in MotoGP, WSBK and other high profile racing championships.


  • Integrated Hydraulic Preload adjuster
  • Twin tube design
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Wide adjustment range (more powerful) external adjusters
  • Completely separated functions for compression and rebound
  • All adjustments made at the top of the shock absorber
  • New adjuster housing design
  • Better ground contact feel

FGR 200 - The new and improved FGR 200 is the very essence of front fork technology. Fully packed with technical solutions and experiences from MotoGP and World Superbike. Improvements over the FGR 100 includes a more robust design and increased adjustment possibilities.

For the new FGR 200 ÷hlins engineers set out a target to improve the already successful FGR 100 front fork in several areas, as development never stands still in racing. The outer tube is now reinforced making the FGR 200 stiffer and more robust. Adjustments are easier to carry out with coloured adjustment wheels for compression and rebound in a nice and improved design, as well as a click setting function on the preload adjuster. The new 3,5 mm bleed valve also gives a larger adjustment range. The smaller piston rod diameter gives an improved dynamics inside the fork.

Even though the FGR 200 is longer, now 750 mm long, weight has been saved with a changed piston rod diameter and shorter reservoir tubes. The FGR 200 of course comes loaded with the very latest TTX 25 Pressurized Technology.

With all these changes the new racing front fork from ÷hlins has improved top class performance with improved brake support and tire feel when riding.


  • Pressurised TTX25 Cartridge Technology inside
  • New, stronger outer tube top
  • Longer, lighter design
  • Improved adjustment features including compression, rebound & spring preload
  • Full, engaged top out spring as an option

Ohlins TTX25 Pressurised Cartridge Kit

TTX25 Pressurised Fork Cartridge Kit - Öhlins Racing has introduced a brand new 25mm pressurised fork cartridge kit for 2012 that has been developed in the World Supersport and Superstock championships to deliver world-beating damping performance under extreme track use.
Based on the kits designed by the Öhlins Race Department and supplied to teams competing at the very highest level both on the world and national scene, the new TTX25 cartridge kit comes with all the precision and quality that you would expect from an Öhlins product.

The sophisticated kit incorporates the very latest Öhlins twin wall technology (TTX) and is pressurised to deliver the ultimate in both damping performance and feel. Designed for high end race use only, the 25mm kit splits compression damping on the left fork leg and rebound damping on the right leg to offer the ultimate in fine damping control and precision, a set-up that is trusted by the world’s best. Add spring preload & many optional spring rates to the package and this kit places itself at the forefront of the highest level of suspension available.
The TTX25 cartridge kit is not designed for road use and requires specialist fitment and regular maintenance by a qualified Öhlins technician.


  • Closed cartridge, pressurised system - for race use only
  • Rebound, compression & spring preload adjusters
  • Easy to change settings for individual requirements including optional spring rates
  • TTX (Twin tube) technology

- The new Road & Track Front fork from Ohlins is nothing but a newborn classic. It doesn't matter if you are heading for a national road racing title or if you are taking your bike to the local café round the corner. The new front fork will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort. The new cartridge system inside the front fork is based on the popular FGK kits and the outer design has been significantly redesigned to make it even more attractive.


  • 30mm NIX fork cartridge kit inside
  • Rebound-Compression and Spring load adjusters
  • One piece Design Fork Bottom for improved braking rigidity
  • Available for the whole 1000cc Hypersport segment

Ohlins 30mm Cartridge Kit

30mm Cartridge Kit - The new Road &Track 30mm front fork cartridge kit from Öhlins is based on experience gained from World Supersport and Superstock Championships. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for a National Roadracing title or if you are taking your bike to the local race track. The cartridge kit will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort. The kit has a unique design with compression damping and the adjustment on the left leg and rebound damping and the adjustment on the right leg – i.e. all adjustments are made at the top together with the spring preload! The cartridge system fits bolt on and is easy to install in most standard hypersport front forks!


  • Rebound, compression and spring preload adjusters
  • Easy to change settings for individual preferences
  • Wide range of spring rates available
  • Easy installation and service

FPK - Front Fork Piston Kit - The FPK from Ohlins contains two complete sets of pre-assembled compression and rebound pistons, including shims and one-way valves. THE FPK kits are easy to install and fits bolts-on without modifications to the original front fork. The new FPK will be a big improvment to the front fork feel and performance.


  • Complete kit with two pre-assembled compression and rebound pistons
  • Easy installation into you standard OE front forks
  • High quality, CNC machined components
  • Provide more stability and suspension performance

To order your Ohlins Racing products, please call us now on 01284 752102 or email us at info@ohlins-suspension.co.uk